Sunday, 13 August 2017

Farmer's market haul!

This week we're trying the butcher's stall. Harissa sausages and streaky bacon.
More strawberries and more honey too.
I want to get some heritage carrots to make my sushi look more interesting. Maybe next time.
And some squashes.

I was disappointed this week as there was no bread man and no one had any corn on the cob. Crop of the week seems to be chard.
I'm not sure i'm ready to be 'on trend' and eat chard.
This week there were loads of cheese places too.. perhaps I will investigate them at a later date £10 for 3 cheeses seemed a bit pricey but maybe it's delicious.

This seems to have become a Sunday activity.
It's quite nice to stroll around the market and the fruit and veg are better deals than in the supermarket.
Jurys still out on the meats.