Sunday, 23 July 2017

The flasher

Yesterday, Ray showed me her 5k running route.
I'm under no illusions, I know that it's going to take me a lot of training and perseverance to get to that point, but as i'm trying to be a healthy new me I thought i'd try it.

Right now, the route is like a swamp.

Whilst I wait for the water to evaporate a little i'm going to walk the route and map it so that I have a time to beat.

So, today, in a gap between rain showers I  dutifully went off to map my first 5k powerwalk. In wellies.
As it happens I only managed 3k.

It all started so well, it was quiet, the rain held off and I saw a kingfisher.
It all went downhill remarkably quickly after that.
It started to piss down. Then my glasses were impossible to see through.
And then some bloke exposed himself to me.

Never a dull moment.