Thursday, 27 July 2017

New jobs all round!

Ok, this is a good news post for all of us!
I'm sorry if anyone reading this finds oyt from my blog rather than us in person there is just so much going on!

1) Traff got a new job today! Admin for another warehouse but hopefully they'll treat him better! No more 4.30am starts!

2) Ray passed her degree! Yayyy!

3) Ray got a promotion to go with her BEng.

4) I got the education officer job at Steam so i'll only be working my previous job 3 days per week from November! Yaay! 2 days of creativity per week sound good to me!

So, now you're all updated. So sorry if we've all been a bit cagey, busy or unavailable but we were all working hard to do something new! Please be forgiving!