Saturday, 29 July 2017

Cardigan day 2

Today has been action packed!
Breakfast at 9am then off to Mwnt to do Traff's wrestling promo photos.
We climbed the big hill and saw a wedding!
Then we headed over to Tresaith, had a Rum and met up with Bog and his daughter Indy.
We spent a few hours digging holes and making sand castles.

Traff and I had lunch in the ship, which I love!

From there we went to st Dogmaels abbey and saw a production of richard the third.
Then to poppet.
Then back to the hotel to spruce up before heading out again.

We popped over to Sarah and Rich's new place. We didn't realize that they moved today so we ended up helping ing them unpack and build their beds and furniture as when we arrived it was stacked in the kitchen.
After 4 hours it was almost ready to go!

Back to the hotel for a well earned vodka and coke and a documentary about the musicians of nashville.
Pretty good!