Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Violin tuition

I recently advertised on one of the community face book groups to see if anyone would like some violin tuition.
£10 for 40 minutes.

I thought that was fair as I'm not able to do any of the grading certificates and I'm not affiliated with any of the music teaching societies.
I would be fair to say that I think now that this was a little to reasonable.
I was inundated with emails!

I have now taken on 4 students to start with- Susannah, Christine, Nancy and Amy.

I've really enjoyed teaching the violin. It's been quite liberating and it has been a really good encouragement for me to practice and plant more frequently- even if it's just to mark up music for my students!

I'm not sure Marley shares my enthusiasm for teaching people to play. She doesn't mind when I play and sometimes she sits and watches.
When people are starting out and their playing isn't very easy on the ears she climbs the stairs so that she's at their head height and shouts in their face!
It's hilarious.
There isn't really much I can do to stop her either!

I've been having a great time looking up gumtree bargains for people and ordering some new books to play from. I've made friends with the wonders of the music shop on commercial road and they'd been fantastic.
Next we will play disney.
For now, jigs and reels!