Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Painswick Rococo gardens

I joined the sports and social club through work- it's £2 per month.
In order to ensure that I get at least £24 of value back I've been booking up passes to places left right and centre!

I highly recommend this one- The Rococo gardens are beautiful and the maze is really good fun!
it isn't very big.
It would be a good idea to take a picnic and a blanket and just  make yourself at home on their lawn for the day.
They do have a very good tea room and they sell cold pressed apple juice made from the apples in their orchards.

It was really quiet when Tracey and I were there. we got there about 11:00am (It opened at 10:30am) and we didn't have to queue or fend people off for parking spaces.

The gardens also has a woodland walk, and in the woodland there is a very impressive play area.
We went on the see saw and on the giant tree swing.
The swing was awesome!