Saturday, 21 October 2017

Budapest- Day 3

Bus day!
Tracey and I went to the roman museum on the buda outskirts.
Ray and Andy hired biked and Kirstie and Phil went to the Zoo.

Tracey is a pro at the transport system, even so, I managed to coerce her onto the wrong bus so it took twice as long to get there.

The museum was pretty incredible actually, I've never seen so many well preserved roman artefacts in one place! Mosaics, wall decorations and religious icons still with their paint!
It was ace!
We spent about 3 hours there. I especially loved the special exhibition about dark magic. Penises protect from the evil eye so lots of cock-&-ball inspired jewellery.

As we were leaving we met Andy and Ray.  They sent us to find a soviet railway bridge with questionable instructions.
We got lost.
We got a bus to margarit island where there were no cafe's to feed us! 😢

We got chimneys cake on the way back to the apartment.
It's delicious.

Then we went to lukacz spa. It's really beautiful and free on the Budapest card! All the stuff we did today was free! We actually have saved a fortune.

After the spa we went looking for ruin bars.
We stopped off at a Normal bar on the way (I accidentally ordered a pint of top shelf) then we went to anker't.
It was awesome. Really chilled,cheap drinks, very few tourists and quiet enough music that you could talk.
(I recommend it highly but please do remember to take a jacket!)

After that, a drunken stumble home to bed.