Saturday, 2 September 2017


Today started rather sleep deprived. We arrived home at about 2am after our wedding adventures.
Marley has no concept of '8 hours sleep' she woke me up at 7.30 by shouting in my face.
I got up at 9 when she bit me.

It has been a day of chores:
I had to return the garbage record I bought for Traff because it's warped. Pick up bbq bits for tomorrow and took my camera in because I thought it was jammed.
Turns out it was jammed, but not in the anticipated way.
The guy who runs the camera shop has to.coax it to rewind the film. Then he loaded the new film and it refused to work on any setting other than long exposure. Then it jammed. Then refused to wind. The poor guy was beside himself. He was so sure the film I submitted will come back ruined all for the cost of £10.
I assured him I was to resigned to that outcome.

Then he was convinced my camera was broken and a disaster.
And he was extremely sorry about it.
It just would not wind on or take photos on any other light exposure. I did explain that my camera is just quirky.
It works as it pleases.

But, I guess I was worried that it really was bust as I went home and prepared my camera upgrade- a gift from Traff's father.
I always worry about damaging presents. It feels ungrateful. I must treat them super carefully.
And that is not how I treat my.cameras. getting good photos is messy. As is the interior of my hand bag.
All bad.

So, I was delighted when my temperamental delight set itself off and is now playing ball!

Faffing with cameras has taken a whole day.
Worth it though!